Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Government Pricing)

Universal platform to manage identities

Protect your business with a universal identity platform

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Government Pricing) is an enterprise identity service that provides SSO & multi-factor authentication to help protect your users from 99.9 percent of cybersecurity attacks. It is Microsoft's cloud-based identity & access management service, that helps your employees sign in and access resources from external (such as Microsoft 365, Azure portal, and thousands of other SaaS applications) and internal resources (such as apps on your corporate network and intranet, along with any cloud apps developed by your own organization). Azure AD management tools enable collaboration and deliver holistic identity protection and adaptive access control.

Starting at $6.00 /Month

Top Features

  • Single sign-on

    Single sign-on simplifies access to your apps from anywhere.

  • Secure access

    Conditional access and multifactor authentication help secure data.

  • Governance

    Governance ensures the right people have access to the right resources, and only when they need it.

  • Single identify platform

    A single identity control plane grants full visibility and control of your environment.


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