Managed 4G Wireless Solutions for Enterprise Applications

CellCast offers enterprise customers an independent network solution that is cost-effective, secure and has dedicated bandwidth for content delivery and corporate communications. In many cases, it runs parallel to enterprises existing WAN (wide-area-network). It is easy to install and can be provisioned and rolled out for a fraction of the cost and time of comparable terrestrial options. CellCast service and hardware are combined into a single affordable monthly cost that minimizes upfront expenses for deployment. In addition, it pools data across an enterprise’s network, which helps minimize possible data use overages.

Top Features

  • Primary Network Connectivity

    CellCast’s business continuity solutions run completely independent of your primary network provider. Regardless of your carrier or current service level, we can implement a managed environment with wireless failover, ensuring that your network stays connected.

  • Network Failover

    On average, companies in the U.S. experience network outages five times per month — that’s 60 periods of downtime each year! More shockingly, 56% reported having no formal network backup plan in place. If your company is one of the 56% without a continuity solution, CellCast can solve your network backup problem.

  • Secondary WAN Solution

    Introducing a fully managed wireless network solution for business continuity and network backup applications. VELOCITY CellCast offers the service, hardware, and 24/7 network monitoring all at one price, by one provider. If your primary communications system goes down, count on CellCast for interruptions to network uptime.


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