Internet & digital voice for business


Get high-quality, high-speed wireless internet for business with rapid installation at an astoundingly affordable price today!

Guaranteed Speeds

  • When your Internet is part of a shared terrestrial circuit, you’re doing just that, sharing. You’re sharing speeds and bandwidth, and thus, what your neighbor does may affect the quality of your connection. ClearFiber™ provides you with a dedicated fixed wireless Internet circuit. Because it’s yours, and only yours, you are guaranteed to receive the speeds you sign up for. NO SHARING!

Connectivity you can count on

  • GeoLinks uses Multi-Point Redundancy to ensure our customers stay connected to the services and applications they need most! Our redundancy works like this:
  • POINT 1 GeoLinks’ wireless broadcast towers are connected to a fiber backbone.
  • POINT 2 GeoLinks’ vast tower coverage allows each circuit to have at least one, if not more, additional fixed wireless backhauls.
  • THE POINT Your dedicated hybrid network is built with true redundancy to ensure you always stay connected.

Unlimited bandwidth

  • And yes, we mean unlimited! Unlike satellite providers, you can rest assured that we will never throttle or cap your bandwidth. Check out our Industry-leading Service Level Agreement here.

Zero data mining guaranteed

  • We respect your privacy and have a strict “no data mining” policy. We also promise to never:
  • Block or discriminate against any lawful online content
  • Throttle the transmission of data
  • Prioritize traffic to certain websites over others


Voice built for business

Digital Voice

  • Designed with business in mind, GeoLinks’ Digital Voice Solutions Offer:
  • Advanced Enterprise-grade Features
  • An Industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • 100% uptime when bundled with 4G LTE Failover
  • 24/7 In-house Customer Support

Benefits of Digital Voice

  • Unlimited Calling: GeoLinks offers all of our customers unlimited calling to anywhere in the US, Canada and Mexico.
  • Save Up to 40% Per Month: Save up to 40% over traditional business phone service providers by eliminating expensive hardware, and time-consuming upgrades and maintenance.
  • Advanced Enterprise Calling Features: Enjoy fully-managed enterprise benefits at a fraction of the cost of traditional PBX solutions.
  • Unified Communications: Experience a unified user interface across multiple devices that grant access to advanced communication services wherever you go.
  • Scalability: Quickly and easily add new business lines and phone numbers as needed.
  • Voice QoS: GeoLinks programs your network to issue priority to voice. Think of it like your Digital Voice getting to cruise in the freeway’s fast lane.


At GeoLinks we strive to offer the absolute best solutions possible. Therefore, we decided to partner with VMware, the industry’s leading SD-WAN experts, to offer 4G LTE and inbound failover to deliver the best SD-WAN solution available on the market.

Your business solution to overcoming:

  • Overcomplicated branch deployment and management
  • Overall application performance
  • Expensive bandwidth
  • Global cloud migrations

Benefits of SD-WAN

  • Site-to-site VPN: Establishes secure connections between multiple fixed office locations.
  • Save money: SD-WAN is less expensive than MPLS driving down operational and capital expenditures by up to 50%.
  • Enhanced performance: Assure optimal application performance with dynamic multi-path optimization and routing capabilities.
  • Business continuity: Experience 100% uptime when you bundle ClearFiber™ and LTE failover.
  • Business agility: Have the agility to implement changes quickly to accommodate evolving customer and market trends and preferences.
  • Business security: Reduce security threats by comprehensive encryption and micro-segmentation securing the flow of your data.

GeoLit Bundle

By cross-connecting with every major network in the country, GeoLinks provides truly redundant business Internet services. Understanding the importance of business continuity, GeoLinks offers business customers the ultimate IT disaster prevention plan – the GeoLit Bundle. Combining Flexible FiberOptic, ClearFiber™, SD-WAN, and Hosted Voice services, the GeoLit Bundle streamlines and manages a businesses’ most important IT services. The result? Business continuity. Backed by a carrier-grade service level agreement (SLA), more and more businesses are getting GeoLit every day.

One carrier. One bill. One support contact.

  • Bundling your business Internet services with a single telecom provider, like GeoLinks, ensures effective and manageable business continuity. When you get a GeoLit bundle you only have:
  • One Point of Contact for Project Management
  • One Point of Contact for Support
  • One Bill

True network redundancy

  • A truly redundant network should integrate both air and ground technologies, such as a ClearFiber™ circuit and a Flexible FiberOptic circuit. This prevents a single point of failure from potentially wiping out both circuits running through the same conduit. When you then bundle in SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide-Area Network) you safeguard your business from ever experiencing perceived outages. In the event of a full network outage, your SD-WAN device has the ability to trigger backup failover automatically.

Ensure business continuity

  • To ensure true business continuity, businesses should bundle at least two Internet circuits, fixed wireless (air) and fiber (ground), SD-WAN, and VoIP services. When you choose to bundle VoIP services with a truly redundant network, you’re assuring your business phone services stay connected when you need them most.

Network Construction

GeoLinks Builds Full Turnkey Network Construction Expertly Tailored for Businesses and Anchor Institutions Nationwide.

In-house reverse engeneering

  • From land procurement to construction, to contract negotiation, to permitting, to building our own solar-powered towers from the ground up, GeoLinks does everything in-house. This backed with our thorough understanding of wireless technology, geographic terrain and weather patterns, enables our team to engineer optimal solutions for each individual customer. Furthermore, this allows our network to service areas that no other provider can reach—especially in areas that would typically require grid power.

GeoLinks is the ONLY Internet Service Provider to hold:

  • Land Procurement
  • Identifying Land Ownership
  • Land Lease Negotiations
  • Maintaining RF Communication Systems
  • Designing Site Plans and Exhibits
  • Research and Development
  • Designing, Engineering, and Deploying Multiple Electrical Components for AC and DC Systems
  • Data Management