Global Reach–Wherever in the world you operate

PCCW Global is a leading communication services provider, offering the latest mobility, voice, and data solutions to multinational enterprises, telecommunication partners, and cloud & application service providers. Our network supports a portfolio of integrated communication services including connectivity, applications, and tailored solutions–integrated and orchestrated by Console Connect, the PCCW Global on-demand digital Software-Defined Interconnection platform. It is one of the first global platforms to fully automate the switching and routing for all communications, for seamless interconnection.

Top Features

  • One-click to connect

    Securely access best-of-breed services from any cloud or SaaS provider. Once setup, connect to business-critical partners and applications with just a click.

  • On-Demand, flexible connectivity

    Scale individual connections up and down on demand. With flexible PAYG pricing, we ensure your network usage fits your cloud economics.

  • Complete control & visibility

    Set up, terminate, change or upgrade your connectivity from anywhere to anywhere using our intuitive portal. See real-time network utilization and manage usage alerts and monitoring tools.

Must-Have Features

Software-Defined Network

Software-Defined Networking aims to make networks agile and flexible. The goal of SDN is to improve network control by enabling enterprises to respond quickly to changing business requirements. As enterprises seek to exploit technologies such as cloud computing, data analytics and IoT, heavy demands on networks can lead to increasing complexity along with cost and resource-intensive management. With SDN, it’s easy to manage network traffic loads in a more flexible and efficient manner.

Mobility and Voice

In today’s connected world, businesses rely more than ever on high quality, reliable and fast connectivity. Fixed line and mobile voice remain a critical part of doing business around the world. Whether as a user or a service provider capability, cost and ease of use are all critical factors when choosing a supplier. At the same time, new developments such as 5G provide a host of other opportunities to develop new technology and innovative solutions.


Cyberattacks are proliferating globally and at an unprecedented rate. To improve overall security posture, organizations require real-time information about and the analysis of security events, and simple yet robust and cost-effective solutions to reduce network infrastructure risks.PCCW Global offers an enterprise security portfolio customized to your organization’s needs. Unmatched inability to help you disrupt new threats, deploy security innovations and reduce the cost and complexity of IT security, PCCW Global’s family of security services can safeguard your most critical data from compromise.