NWN Carousel

Cloud communications service provider

Cloud Security-as-a-Service

Modernize delivery, management, and support for end-user devices.

  • Security should be tightly integrated into all aspects of your IT infrastructure by design. Yet traditional security solutions aren’t built for our new ways of hybrid work; while they may deploy multiple independent point products to provide a layered security approach, they often lack integration across the rest of your IT stack. This can limit security effectiveness. The NWN Carousel Security Solution delivers a comprehensive security architecture that mitigates manual effort to provide you with a rich context for reporting and incident management.

NWN Carousel’s Security Solution Provides You With:

  • Design and implement to establish the right platform-based security architecture
  • Proactively monitor the organization for threats and alerts
  • Provide resources and solutions to maintain the health
  • Provide real-time remediation services in response to identified security threats

Unified Communications Platform

NWN Carousel delivers robust and flexible cloud solutions to enable effective collaboration. Our bundled offers, services, and SLAs transform your enterprise into a modern work-from-anywhere hybrid organization.

  • The way organizations work today has evolved. The future of work is hybrid, requiring collaboration from teams working in disparate locations. A recent Gartner survey showed that collaboration tools will be a “must-have” increasing worldwide revenue by 17.1% in 2021, which reflects the many changes organizations will need to address going forward. NWN Carousel delivers robust and flexible cloud solutions to transform your enterprise into a modern work-from-anywhere hybrid organization.
  • Transform the collaboration experience across employees, customers and partners with integrated tools and applications.
  • Greater engagement with flexible collaboration
  • Streamlined implementation for faster deployment
  • Secure solutions for work from anywhere
  • Consistent user experience across all platforms

Advanced Technology Solutions

Modernize delivery, management, and support for end-user devices.

  • Rapidly changing technology — combined with the hybrid, work-from-anywhere workplace — requires IT to provide companies with the agility to easily innovate and still achieve business goals. As the leading integrated cloud communications service provider, NWN Carousel enables organizations to fully realize the benefits of digital transformation with scalable infrastructures and flexible consumption models. A major component of the work-from-anywhere experience is cloud-connected communications and technology. Infrastructure applications are the foundation of your business; the ‘work-from-anywhere’ approach to the hybrid work model has created a new normal requiring modern controls to manage who, what, and how the network is accessed.

Gain Visibility into Your IT Infrastructure

  • Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) empower IT, teams, to securely embrace the challenges of hybrid working to deliver:
  • Network and security experts to design zero-trust networking models
  • Software LAN, WAN & hybrid solutions that minimize business disruption
  • Adoption to ensure investments are optimized and costs are predictable

Device Management Solutions

Modernize delivery, management, and support for end-user devices.

  • Organizations of all sizes need the latest, high-performing devices with timely support to enable their workforces. Today’s hybrid workforce requires organizations to manage, protect, and support their end-users without distractions or disruptions. NWN Carousel provides secure Managed Devices through our subscription-based services, enabling organizations to deploy laptops, desktops, and workstations efficiently at any scale. We deploy powerful data analytics and remote management tools to monitor user experience and proactively manage devices to create a more efficient environment without compromising control, compliance, or security.
  • Devices provide demonstrated benefits to organizations with a flexible, scalable service designed to meet your particular needs.
  • Increased IT effectiveness
  • Reduced security risk
  • Better predictability and control of IT costs
  • Consistent positive end-user device support

Visual Collaboration & Workspace

Implement a streamlined approach to audio and visual communications.

  • Visual collaboration & workspace solutions bring you into the future of work additional benefits of the visual collaboration & workspace solutions include:
  • Improved operational efficiency and productivity with predictable costs
  • Expert design, implementation & consolidation of complete end-to-end visual workspaces
  • Increased scalability and satisfaction while managing business risk with minimal disruption

Contact Center Platform

Eliminating complexity and helping you go above and beyond for your customers.

Delight Your Customers, Wherever They Are

  • A positive customer experience is a competitive necessity and a key brand differentiator for most organizations. Yet organizations are challenged with managing data across multiple, often disparate, platforms, rendering it nearly impossible for real-time use to enhance the customer experience. Organizations that lean on a cloud communications service provider, like NWN Carousel, gain an unparalleled competitive advantage. By harnessing the true power of a solution-as-a-service, you can navigate across all channels of communication to quickly interact with customers, all while empowering agents with a comprehensive toolset to achieve greater customer intimacy.
  • Revolutionize customer interactions to build a loyal customer base:
  • Omnichannel choice of real-time live agent or self-serve
  • Data-driven experience to harness the history of the customer journey
  • Generate analytics that better predict customer patterns
  • AI to drive automation for agent & customer satisfaction