Provider of fault-tolerant server platforms and support solutions

Stratus Technologies collects and analyzes data at the source – the "edge" of your core business processes. Whether you manage an assembly line, an oil and gas pipeline, a water treatment plant, a smart building process, or a biotechnology and device organization, you need to turn data into actionable results. Far from the cloud or your data center, decisions and actions need to be made at the edge, in real time with the right information, in the right place. Our solutions and platforms are simple to install and implement, they operate autonomously with constant availability in rugged environments, and can protect your data, security, and reputation – at the Edge of your business.

Top Features

  • Simple

    Sets up in minutes

    Easy to manage

    Single button ‘restore’ capability

  • Protected

    Seamless failover

    Fault Tolerance


  • Autonomous


    Automated administration

    Remotely managed