PanTerra Networks

Simplify your communications with streams

All-In-One Cloud

Unified communications, team messaging, file sync & share and business analytics from the only all-in-one, customizable cloud solution.

All-In-One Solution

  • Streams all-in-one approach seamlessly integrates all your business communications and sharing services into a single fully customizable, easy to use application that is HIPAA secure and can be centrally administered.

Business-Class Team Messaging

  • Create unlimited team rooms and persistently share multi-media content with multilevel access controls and integrated real-time communications at your finger tips.

Powerful Video/Screenshare Conferencing

  • Set up and conduct unlimited video conferences with full screensharing and secure cloud recording. Advanced security features virtually eliminate "video bombing".

Integrated Call Center

  • Set up unlimited call queues with music on hold, call back, push/pull, and agent transfer capabilities. Supervisory modes improve training and customer satisfaction.

Unified Communications

PanTerra is the only All-in-One Call, Text, Conference, Fax, Web Meeting, and File Sharing Cloud Communications Solution.

Optimized For Multi-Location Businesses

  • With Streams, you can deploy a feature-rich, consistent, globally accessible telephone service through your enterprise, connecting employees, customers and partners seamlessly.

Integrated Softphone

  • Streams provides an integrated softphone that works on desktops and mobile devices. Streams also works with existing IP phones and analog devices, simplifying deployments.

Intelligent Call Routing

  • Automatically route calls to your mobile devices, set up sequence, blast or time-of-day routing, seamlessly re-route active calls to any device.

Built-In Team Messaging/Presence

  • Set up team rooms and share multimedia content to anyone, whether they are in your company or not. Show real-time presence with optional custom status.

Team Messaging

A powerful team messaging and collaboration platform with built-in communications features.

Unlimited Team Meeting Rooms

  • Set up unlimited secure virtual team rooms with people within or outside your company with enhanced share access control.

Share All Types Of Content

  • Share any type of content including text, pictures video, audio, files and folders. Even share live broadcasts.

Persistent Content Storage

  • All shared content remains in the team room for as long as you want, search it and pin it so that it is easily accessible regardless of who or when it was shared. You can individually edit or remove any shared content.

Built-In Social Sharing

  • Gain instant feedback with built-in social media features such as likes, re-sharing, commenting and pinning.

Video Conferencing

A powerful video and screenshare conferencing platform with enhanced privacy and security features

Unlimited Conferencing Rooms

  • Set up unlimited secure virtual conferencing and screenshare rooms with people within or outside your company with enhanced security features.

Enhanced "No Video Bombing" Security

  • Optional Multi-Factor Authentication virtually eliminates "video bombing" by only allowing invited users to join a session.

Works Everywhere: Home, Office, On-The-Road

  • Safely and securely deploy employees anywhere (remote or home location or mobile) with in-office conferencing capabilities.

Full Recording With Local Or Cloud Storage

  • Record any ConnectMe session and store recording locally or in Streams secure SmartBox cloud storage.

Business Analytics

Improve your team’s performance with business analytics. Streams gives you all the information you need to make fast, crucial decisions with your team so your clients get maximum results fast.

Powerful graphical reporting

  • Graphical reports provide an instant overview into the health and performance of your company. Over 100 performance metrics can be viewed and customized!

Instant and scheduled reporting

  • Build reports instantly to see a snapshot of performance or create custom scheduled reports and receive them daily, weekly or monthly.

Unlimited analytic data storage

  • Access all your analytic performance data from the time your start your account. See and analyze long term trending and period-over-period data. With PanTerra, you have analytics for a lifetime.

Comparison and trending reports

  • Compare specific performance metrics across two different time periods such as month-over-month or year-over-year. Compare specific users across various performance metrics to see who are the top/bottom performers.

File Sync & Share

Why pay more for a 3rd party cloud storage solution when PanTerra gives you a more robust solution for free? Streams delivers one app, one portal, one password, 100% secure storage for all your communications and content sharing needs.

Unlimited Secure Cloud Storage

  • SmartBox provides unlimited, HIPAA secure cloud storage for all your corporate files and documents as well as all your communications content (voicemails, call recordings, faxes and text messages).

Sync Content Across All Your Devices

  • Instantly sync all your corporate content to any of your devices securely including desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

Industry Leading Security

  • Industry leading end-to-end HIPAA/HITECH compliance, Multi-Factor Authentication and 24/7 monitoring. PanTerra will sign a BAA to ensure your content is secure.

Centralized Administration

  • Manage all your employee's SmartBox content and access controls through a single easy-to-use administration portal. Centrally control access, sharing privileges and more.

Integration & Customization

Get more from your existing tools with CRM integrations App Plug-ins, Streams APIs and a Communications Programming Platform (AppDesigner) Allow Streams to Deliver Full CPaaS Capabilities.

Outlook /Gmail/Office365/Teams

  • Streams ca seamlessly plug into Google Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, Office365 and Teams to provide business-quality telephony capabilities while maintaining the Microsoft user experience.

3RD party CRMs

  • Streams plugs into 3rd party CRMs like, Zoho, Zendesk and Freshdesk to provide telephony capabilities including outbound calling, screen pops and call dispositioning.

Active directory

  • Streams supports Microsoft Active Directory so you can manage users from a single directory. Create Streams users from Active Directory with both standard and customer fields support.

SSO providers

  • Streams supports Microsoft Active Directory as well as other 3rd party Single Sign On providers such as Octa and OneLogin.

WAN Network & Hardware

PanTerra is the only all-in-one cloud communications provider that delivers WAN connectivity and on-premises hardware as part of an end-to-end solution.

PanTerra SD-Wan solution

  • PanTerra has partnered with Bigleaf Networks to provide an unparalleled SD-WAN solution which provides a complete software defined WAN solution when you want the highest level of reliability, resilience and manageability for your WAN network. With PanTerra's Bigleaf SD-WAN solution, your WAN network will automatically apply QoS to critical services and automatically find the best circuits to route traffic through.

PanTerra Smartband MPLS solution

  • PanTerra can deploy a fully customized MPLS networks when you want the highest level of security and service. PanTerra's MPLS solution keeps all your data and communications off the open Internet with a dedicated circuit from your location to our cloud. Optionally, PanTerra can also connect into your already existing MPLS network too.

PanTerra Smartband open internet solution

  • Looking for a cost-effective but fully managed means of connecting to our service? Choose our open Internet solution which provides single or dual connectivity through a variety of physical media including DSL, cable, T-1s, fiber and Ethernet Over Copper (EoC).

Bring your own WAN

  • Of course, with PanTerra, you can always supply your own WAN connectivity to our cloud. We will work with you to ensure best effort quality of service.