Helping businesses make smarter decisions for their IT delivery

CentricsIT is an award-winning global leader in IT lifecycle management. We provide end-to-end lifecycle management services—from sourcing to ITAD—and a broad portfolio of project management services that can be deployed anywhere in the world. We have taken the initiative to question the norm and develop a balanced, common-sense strategy for IT service delivery, procurement, budgetary allocation, and lifecycle management that prioritizes value while ensuring your systems remain operational, optimized, and secure.

Top Features

  • Global Network of Certified Vetted Engineers (L1-L5)

    When you engage CentricsIT for your next infrastructure project, you gain access to our global network of highly qualified IT engineers, who are certified across technologies at the highest levels. These are vetted, proven resources we deploy and manage on your behalf.

  • Transparent and Real-Time Project Communication

    CentricsIQ is a highly customized project management view that provides unrivaled transparency into your real-time field activities. Through its intuitive portal interface, you and your team have access to real-time project details through a central repository that updates and stores all data for active and completed tasks.

  • 24x7x365 Global Response and Depolyment

    With offices and secure stocking depots positioned around the world, meeting or exceeding our service levels is standard. We spare all parts ourselves and house them locally to you, wherever you are, ensuring that we keep your downtime to a minimum. And our service levels are 100% customizable to meet your unique needs and requirements.