Effortless Office

Securely managed workspaces

Enabling organizations to carry out its highest mission

Effortless' Suite of business cloud services delivers secure workspaces on-demand, turning those stuck with IT issues, into industry leaders who can control their data, improve cybersecurity, and achieve their goals. We got our start over 15 years ago as an innovative technology and network security service provider in Las Vegas, Nevada. Originally serving the highly regulated gaming and hospitality industries, we have since become a leading business cloud services provider that delivers unparalleled IT support and cyber security services to clients across a variety of industries. We build and maintain compliant, secure cloud environments that save businesses millions of dollars and improve their operations, efficiency, and mobility.

Top Features

  • Cyber security and recovery

    Your data is stored at the Switch SuperNAP, one of the most secure data storage facilities in the USA. Full redundancy, anti-virus & spam filtering services are all included in your EO package. With hardware & software that is HIPAA & PCI compliant you can be assured they meet industry regulations.

  • Enterprise services

    Welcome to the EffortlessSuite™ of cloud-based products, designed to work together and exceed your technology needs, effortlessly. Effortless worry about technology and support so that you don’t have to. Make the move to their Effortless-as-a-Service products today.

  • Securely managed workspaces

    Effortless delivers and fully supports a secure ecosystem of complementary cloud products and services giving customers a single solution provider for entire IT environments.