Redstor Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365

Complete Microsoft 365 backup solution

Most complete Microsoft 365 backup solution

Back up OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, OneNote, Class and Staff Notebooks data direct from Microsoft’s cloud to Redstor’s.

Manage all data sources centrally

Efficiently manage the protection of all Microsoft 365 apps and other Redstor products through a single, intuitive, multi-tenant app. No separate log-ins or interfaces.

Ensure malware-free recoveries

AI-powered malware detection neutralises suspicious files in Microsoft 365 before they become attacks.

Near-zero downtime

Redstor’s unique InstantData™ technology has businesses back up and running in minutes by delivering on-demand recovery of any file in an instant, in the event of data loss.

Adhere to compliance

Extend retention policies to comply with governance requirements and in line with best practices. For example, keep data for the standard 60 days, seven years or even indefinitely.

Immutable as standard

As a cloud backup provider, Redstor stores all data in an offline state which is fixed, unchangeable and cannot be deleted. Furthermore, all backups are separate and cannot impact each other, following best practice recommendations from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre.

Data sovereignty

Redstor assists customers in complying with the necessary regulations by supporting region-based data processing and storage.