Flexible solutions, with list prices reduced up to 40%

We give you flexible broadband options that may include shared wireless, fiber optic, Ethernet, or DSL facilities, IP assignment, and transport of your end-user data traffic from the premises to the public internet.

The best service delivery in the industry

  • With 20+ years of experience installing and managing applications of every size, our project management and operations teams have earned customer satisfaction scores 30% above the industry average. Ask for our white paper on customer satisfaction.

Your rates are guaranteed

  • All of our 36-month agreements guarantee your rates for the entire term.

Our exclusive broadband delivery guarantee

  • If we cannot provide a new solution of our own at a location we will project manage and install another solution for you, or retain your current service and we will simply re-bill that service.

Industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs)

  • Serenity Broadband Solutions has exceptional SLAs that far exceed the SLAs of many other providers.