Automatic 4G LTE internet backup connection

Connection Pro offers complete reliability with a 4G LTE wireless connectivity backup that kicks in automatically when a network outage occurs, and it will keep your business up and running online for up to six hours during a network outage, at an affordable price, all while being able to monitor your service status via the intuitive online portal. That’s peace of mind at an affordable cost. Business Internet customers need continuous internet connectivity. And we’re making it happen—thanks to a 4G wireless backup connection. Comcast Business is the first broadband provider to protect customers’ connections against network or power outages.

Top Features

  • Flexible

    Add to any Comcast Business Internet for backup.

  • Reliable

    Battery backup is included, for up to 8 hours of power with surge protection.

  • Automatic

    4G LTE wireless connectivity kicks in automatically — you don’t have to do anything.