Spectrum Enterprise Wireless Internet Backup

Secure internet backup

Automatic wireless Internet failover service that is managed for you

Get a network-diverse Internet connection that automatically activates in response to network outages caused by natural or man-made events. Spectrum Enterprise Wireless Internet Backup integrates with Fiber Internet Access service to support your business continuity strategy with cost-effective redundancy. We provide a simple and cost-effective alternative for business continuity combined with your Fiber Internet Access (FIA) service and seamlessly enable your organization to remain connected to the Internet and carry on without interruption. This allows you to operate with the confidence that you’re prepared for the unexpected.

Top Features

  • Seamless and secure connection

    In the event of a network or power interruption, they provide seamless, automatic failover and failback to an encrypted 4G wireless signal. This ensures there are no Internet service disruptions so your organization can remain productive.

  • End-to-end service and support

    Wireless Internet Backup includes everything your organization needs, including wireless hardware & battery backup, at no additional cost to you. And also manage the service for you, from installation, & provide 24/7/365 U.S.-based support.

  • Cost-effective wireless backup

    Wireless Internet Backup has unlimited data and no overage fees, enabling you to wirelessly connect as long as you need to without impacting your budget.

Must-Have Features

Fiber Internet Access integration

Wireless Internet Backup supports your business continuity strategy with cost-effective redundancy and seamless Fiber Internet Access integration.