Get 20+Mbps, 2-way data connectivity anywhere

The SqwaQbox is a patented, mobile modem developed specifically for aircraft, airborne devices and other security devices. It combines six individual 3G/4G LTE cellular links into one large, multi-redundant data connection. The bandwidth is robust enough to stream two cameras simultaneously, with less than one-second latency. This allows public safety ground responders to view aerial video in real-time using their smartphones and tablets to better assess emergency situations. It can also transmit other data traffic like VoIP, email, Internet access, GPS and flight sensor data concurrently. This is the first airborne Internet device of its kind, designed and manufactured to DO-160 and AS9100 aviation safety standards.

Top Features

  • Multiple camera & critical data support

    Low latency

  • Highly reliable

    Five layers of redundancy

  • 20 Mbs 4G/LTE bandwidth

    Bonded multi-carrier signals

Must-Have Features

Oil & Gas

Upstream, midstream, downstream. They provide lower-cost inspections and real-time decision-making with more bandwidth in remote areas.

Energy & Utilities

Perform lower cost inspections via drones, with unlimited range BVLOS flights and real time, nationwide video transmission.

Ambulance & Telemedicine

Broadcast VoIP, video and medical sensor data from remote scenes to the hospital for live sessions with doctors.

Aviation & Drones

Connect drones, helicopters and fig ht fixed-wing aircraft with
2-way broadband that can stream multiple cameras nationwide.

Remote Security

Stream motion activated video and triggered events from remote locations to monitor and respond from one central office.

Smart Agriculture

Improve farming and smart agriculture applications with robust IoT for connectivity, automation and remote monitoring.

Government DOD & DHS

Remote bandwidth cheaper than satellite that supports video with scramble encryption and AI. Private backhaul available.