Hybrid IT discovery & dependency mapping

Asset management, discovery & mapping for data center and cloud

Device42 is a comprehensive IT discovery, asset management, and dependency mapping platform. It provides insights to optimize infrastructure and applications across data centers and the cloud with a single source of truth for your entire IT ecosystem. It gives users detailed insights into even the most complex IT enterprises across a broad range of physical, virtual, cloud, and storage resources. Over 200 global system integrators use our capabilities as they manage and modernize their client environments, and leverage Device42 as one of the core aspects of their go-to-market strategy.

Top Features

  • Discover

    Advanced agentless end-to-end hybrid cloud discovery allows you to see everything that is connected to your IT infrastructure.

  • Diagnose

    Identify issues and plan for the future with ease and powerful dependency mappings of resources and applications.

  • Deliver

    Deliver next-generation IT services with automated syndication and integration with 30+ other IT solutions.


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