Asset management, discovery & mapping for data center and cloud

Device42 is a comprehensive IT discovery, asset management, and dependency mapping platform. It provides insights to optimize infrastructure and applications across data centers and the cloud with a single source of truth for your entire IT ecosystem. It gives users detailed insights into even the most complex IT enterprises across a broad range of physical, virtual, cloud, and storage resources. Over 200 global system integrators use our capabilities to manage and modernize their client environments and leverage Device42 as one of the core aspects of their go-to-market strategy.

Top Features

  • Powerful Visualizations, Reporting and APIs

    Easily build move groups, or report on any application dependencies in your desired format – Excel, CSV, or a direct connection to an external database. Flexible APIs let you manipulate data your way and integrate Device42 with other products, too!

  • Application Dependencies Charts, Lists, and Dependency Flow Diagrams

    Automatic application discovery creates dependency maps and charts that highlight the impact of any discovered application, whether contemplating a migration or change control. Easy-to-consume list pages and charts are Visio compatible, too!

  • Automated Service Impact Discovery

    Device42 discovers hardware, software, and application dependencies. View charts that identify and track all of your physical and logical components, relationships, and their interdependencies.

  • Restful APIs & Webhooks

    Easy data population from the language of your choice using REST APIs. Integrates with AD/LDAP with role-based access.

  • Integration with Other Tools

    Device42 integrates natively with tools like JIRA, Confluence, ServiceNow, Splunk, Slack, Logstash, Zapier, StackStorm, Ansible, Puppet, Chef and many more.

  • Intuitive

    No complicated client installs. No need to spend money on training. Get started in a jiffy with an auto discovery and everything you need is at your finger tips.

  • Agentless & Continuous Discovery

    Agentless auto-discovery keeps your CMDB up-to-date and helps it become a single source of truth.


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