XeneX’s Security Operations Center-as-a-Service integrates virtually everything needed, “out of the box” including our powerful, proprietary XDR+ engine. This is a complete Cloud Security Operation Center (SOC) solution and an advanced global security team providing total peace-of-mind.

24/7 Threat Detection & Response

  • Our cloud-based solution provides actionable information for over 700 Connectors on a single pane of glass. Risk & Vulnerability Meters and customizable reporting complement continuous 24/7 threat detection and response.

Public & Private Cloud Integration

  • XeneX is technology agnostic integrating with major cloud solutions including Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google. Custom data sources are easily & quickly added.

Remediation Services

  • XeneX provides complete Remediation Services, working actively to address problems as they are identified (and ideally, before they result in a vulnerability that is actively exploited) through the modification of configurations/systems or updating and patching operating systems or applications.

Compliance Support

  • XeneX Compliance Support works closely with your team to understand your current compliance posture and design custom solutions informed by current security processes.

Office 365 Integration

  • A complete solution that scales with your organization’s needs now, and into the future, supporting Microsoft Office 365.

Advanced Cross-Correlation (XDR)

  • XeneX integrates powerful cross-correlation (XDR) technologies that take threat detection and response to the next level. Read on below to find out more.

Pro Services

XeneX Pro Services provides the ultimate advanced global security support for total peace-of-mind.

  • Xenex Security-as-a-Service is augmented by a global security team that allows you to do more with less and focus on core business functions while strengthening your security posture and reducing stress. One of the most highly responsive and experienced on-demand teams in the industry provides a single point of contact. From initial assessment, strategy development, compliance consulting (Virtual CISO) to ongoing 24/7/365 incident response, our team is available to do what clients need, when they need it, delivered with a relentless focus on white-glove service that is professional and uncompromising.

Fast Start

  • This 3-week engagement provides an invaluable baseline view of your enterprise security posture while getting you up and running, quickly. Our experienced CISOs will review your existing environment with vulnerability scanning, app security, and penetration testing reports generated by world-class security engineers. FastStart provides both an enterprise security roadmap and remediation of vulnerabilities that immediately improve your security posture.

vCISO Program

  • The Xenex vCISO Program delivers flexible and effective security leadership to your organization. XeneX senior cyber-security consultants work with your internal team to lead, develop and manage your most important security initiatives. vCISO is available to complement an existing CISO and team, or as a flexible security department serving your organization.


  • Xenex Assessments combine the experience of our global security team with the most advanced tools to provide you with a clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses in your current security systems and approaches.
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Penetration testing
  • Compliance reviews

Penetration Testing

  • Xenex’s Penetration Testing provides visibility, identifying blind spots in your security posture, locating latent threats and correcting weaknesses before they cause problems.

Vulnerability Scanning

  • Prevent vulnerabilities from becoming liabilities with Vulnerability Scanning. XeneX’s world-class security team and toolsets identify and eliminate threats and vulnerabilities before they wreak havoc.

Security Consulting

  • XeneX Security Consulting combines the type of expertise and experience your organization expects without the challenge of sourcing often difficult to locate talent. Put the experience of our local and global teams to work for your organization on an as-needed, part-time or full-time basis.