Streamline Client Interactions with Digital Workflows

Today's client engagement activities are stuck in the chaos of fragmented silos — requiring significant manual intervention. Moxo provides a OneStop Client Hub for managing client interactions through modern digital automation. Businesses can streamline deadline-driven client interactions, including account onboarding, account servicing, and exception handling. Moxo powers client interaction workflows across a diverse set of industries including financial services, consulting, legal, accounting, healthcare, and more.

Starting at $50.00

Top Features

  • Customizable workflows

    Build interaction flows to create repeatable, sequenceable steps with the pre-defined client and internal user actions.

  • Built-in interactivity

    Moxo includes integrated document collaboration, video conferencing, digital signature, messaging, and more.

  • Configurable user experiences

    Customize modern user experiences tailored to the delivery of assisted, high-value business services.

  • 360° oversight

    Gain visibility into how your organization is performing to your goals, monitor staff performance on an ongoing basis, and identify areas where you can improve.

  • Persistent data rooms

    Manage continuity across time, with progress tracking, audit trails, virtual data rooms, and more.

  • Security and auditability

    Moxo is engineered with best-in-class security and compliance including SOC III, GDPR, and PSD2.