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The SmartPortfolio program helps you take advantage of the natural gas market without having to be an energy expert. This program takes many of the principles used in financial investing to manage price risk over time to create a diversified portfolio. Today, over 10,000,000 dekatherms are managed through the program. Businesses across the U.S. rely on these types of diversification strategies to manage various commodities.

Transparent diversification

  • SmartPortfolio is a complete approach that manages your total usage through a combination of floating and time-diversified locked purchases. This strategy helps protect your business from market highs while providing the opportunity to capture market lows.

Effortless automation

  • The program’s automated purchasing strategy manages your risk while you focus on your core business. You decide how much of your gas costs you let float with the market and how much you want to fix in advance.

Flexible strategies

  • We recognize that strategies change, so you can leave the program at any time, retaining any purchases already made by the program. We’ll work with you to evolve your strategy as you evolve your business. Flexible contract terms, simple invoicing, online budget reporting, and customized back-test scenarios help you manage your natural gas supply.

Minimize Volatile Pricing (MVP)

The Minimize Volatile Pricing (MVP) program was first launched in 1997 and has evolved to meet the challenges of a market that has significantly changed over the last 20 years. Our two decades of experience working with customers on these strategies means that today, we provide some of the most effective and transparent strategies in the market. The MVP program focuses on the commodity (NYMEX) component– the greatest portion of a customer’s total gas cost – to achieve a more stable price over time. Customers can choose from three variations of this time diversification strategy to make smaller purchases over time to reduce long-term volatility risk.

  • Complete transparency - all individual purchases made by the program would appear in your online account management tool.
  • Strategic purchasing options include straight-cost averaging or modified-cost averaging approaches in which we buy less when prices are high and buy more when prices are low.
  • Enhanced volatility protection by making smaller natural gas purchases each month to create structure and achieve an average cost.
  • Proactively manage NYMEX exposure to avoid market price extremes and lets you manage basis prices independently as part of a larger portfolio.

Managed Portfolio Services (MPS)

Our Managed Portfolio Service is a targeted approach that helps customers manage their basis price risk through modified-cost averaging and pooling. Basis can vary widely based on location due to local supply and demand factors. The program can cover all or just some of the total usage volumes at a facility. The objective of MPS is to proactively manage basis risk through a structured, algorithmic approach using time diversification.

  • Access to transparent online reports
  • Location-specific programs such as Illinois Storage and Wisconsin Transportation
  • Proactive transportation management
  • Added-value of pooling
  • Cover your basic costs for all usage, just your nominations, or cover your incrementals as part of a greater strategy
  • Eliminates cash-outs

Michigan Utility Alternative Savings Program

Through an exclusive agreement with the local utility, Constellation has been able to bring Michigan businesses an alternative pricing model for their natural gas delivery needs. Our energy experts will look at your natural gas usage history and perform an in-depth analysis to estimate how much you would save when you get your commodity and delivery, together, from Constellation versus the local utility.

Why choose UAS?

  • Our energy experts will look at your natural gas usage history and perform an in-depth analysis to estimate how much you would save when you get your commodity and delivery, together, from Constellation versus the local utility.
  • You could save an average of 30 percent* of your natural gas distribution costs on your DTE Energy monthly gas bill. The money you could be saving through Constellation’s UAS program could be better used for supplying your store, buying raw materials, or just paying other bills for your business.
  • We help you manage the volatility of the marketplace so that you don’t have to worry about your monthly budget.
  • We’ll develop a customized plan tailored to your business and help you get the most for your money.

Tools for Your Natural Gas Plan

NYMEX pricing data helps natural gas customers strategically procure and manage their natural gas supply.

  • In order to view NYMEX pricing data, you must agree to both the usage agreement and the terms and conditions. If you refresh this page, you will be asked to agree to these documents again.

Energy manager - Helping you buy, manage, and use your energy

  • Constellation’s web-based customer service platform puts energy management at your fingertips. It provides 24/7 access to your account information – from usage data to online payments and analysis reporting – allowing you to make proactive and informed decisions.
  • Easy access to your facilities and accounts
  • Online bill pay and auto-pay
  • Visually enhanced energy usage dashboards
  • Customized logins for multiple employees at your company

Natural Gas 101

Constellation is one of the nation’s leading retail natural gas suppliers. Our presence in the market includes trading, transport and storage, physical gas supply, pricing, and more. We deliver more than 1.6 billion dekatherms of natural gas annually to customers nationwide.

  • There has been a shift in the energy industry where energy buyers are no longer solely focused on purchasing commodities. New energy managers entering energy management are coming on board with the responsibility to create an integrated energy management strategy, which might incorporate commodity with energy efficiency and sustainability solutions, for example.
  • The Gas 101 web series was created to help you understand the fundamentals of natural gas, how the markets work, and purchasing options to create a diverse portfolio. By proactively engaging and educating our customers about market trends and analysis, we empower them to make more informed energy decisions.