Constellation Power Solutions

Simple and manageable energy purchasing

Fixed* Price (Secured Price)

A Fixed price solution offers price stability and simplicity.

Index Price

  • Your power supply price will float with the index of choice (Day Ahead or Real Time) and is not subject to any risk premiums for fixing load.

Flexible Index Solutions

  • FIS is good for customers who want price stability and the flexibility that comes with taking an active role in managing their energy costs.

Index Plus Block Solutions

  • If you’re willing to spend the time and effort to make ongoing power purchase decisions Index + Block is a good option.

Peak Load Management

  • Explore how proactively managing your usage during peak power hours may reduce your capacity charges.

Demand Response

  • Learn more about demand response programs and how they can help your business save on energy costs.

Flexible Fixed Price (FFP)

  • Similar to a standard fixed price but using several purchases over a longer period vs. one purchase decision.

Minimize Volatile Pricing (MVPe)

  • A structured, systematic plan that reduces exposure to electricity price volatility.