Trident Wireless Water Leak Detection

Commercial wireless water leak detection

Reduce financial losses & produce a positive ROI for building owners

The Trident Wireless Water Leak Detection System monitors sources of potential water leaks 24/7/365 and reacts instantly to a water event by sounding a local alarm and notifying multiple designated individuals by email, text, or phone call. Then an optional automatic shut-off valve will instantly shut off the water supply to the leak. We are focused on mitigating damage to reduce financial losses and produce a positive ROI for building owners and low loss ratios for insurance companies. Their commercial buildings are the first IoT system to receive the coveted FM Approval. Trident prevents millions of dollars in annual water damage losses for building owners and insurance companies alike.

Features & Benefits

  • Real-time, rapid, reliable notification

    Now more than ever, building managers are turning to sensors and the cloud to provide remote information on their properties. Trident can watch hundreds of locations within a single building and provide you with the peace of mind that you are protected.

  • Leak sensing flex cable

    Sometimes you need more than a point sensor to protect a larger area of your building and protect critical or hard-to-reach areas. The Trident water leak-sensing cable detects water anywhere along its length for an area or perimeter coverage.

  • Remote management via trident platform

    Maintain, update and monitor the status of your system with secure Trident Platform. Designated staff can view the system from home or office.

  • Unobtrusive. Wireless. Reliable.

    Trident’s water leak detection equipment can be discreetly placed anywhere throughout a building to provide complete coverage in virtually any floor plan.

  • Automatic shutoffs protect high-value assets

    Even round-the-clock facilities staff cannot be everywhere at once, so if there’s a leak, time is the enemy — not just the water. If you’ve opted for the Trident valve controller and valve system sensors, they’ll automatically and instantaneously shut off the water.