Drive key metrics and deliver exceptional service to customers

ServiceMax Zinc connects technicians in real-time with the people and information needed to confidently get the job done quickly and correctly, allowing organizations to reduce mean time to repair, boost customer satisfaction and improve employee engagement. Efficient service resolution is a key success indicator for you and your customers. To power efficient service resolution, your technicians need to connect with the people and information that can help them solve issues quickly. This includes having a way to receive the right knowledge at the right time, right away.

Top Features

  • Equipment-Centric Approach

    Gain deep visibility into your entire service delivery operations on ServiceMax. From equipment and contract records to preventive maintenance and uptime, to efficiency and upsell opportunities, ServiceMax transforms field service delivery.

  • Solution for Big Jobs

    A complete field service solution from contract entitlements to workforce optimization and scheduling with AI, to inventory and logistics, to preventive maintenance and connected field service.

  • Mobile and Offline

    ServiceMax supports technicians in the field with the equipment information they need to deliver fast, comprehensive service, even when the internet is not available.

  • Cloud-based Solutions

    Built on the proven Platform, customers are up and running quickly with ServiceMax in a low-cost subscription model, tightly integrated to their CRM.

Must-Have Features

Automate Routine Tasks

Get smarter about collaboration. Eliminate routine tasks and leverage bots and automation to route and track requests. Zinc uses automation to make collaboration faster, more effortless, and prevents things from slipping through the cracks.

Analyze Usage Trends and Improve Processes

Information flows throughout the organization in many different modes. Hidden in these communication threads are answers to possible inefficiencies, weaknesses, and information gaps, such as the need for more training or business process improvements.

Stay Connected, Stay Aligned

When technicians are in the field, they need instant access to information, resources and people to succeed. Zinc’s powerful remote service features allow teams to communicate 1:1 and in groups using text, voice, video and photo annotation, content sharing and location sharing.

Enhance Communication Across Apps

Zinc connects the entire service team, enabling everyone to do their best work by adding structure, automation, and oversight to communication and collaboration. Integrated with the tools service teams already use, service teams can collaborate in context and get the information they need at the right time.