Rackspace Technology Managed Hosting Service

Fully managed dedicated hosting

Single-tenant hosting for optimal performance and uptime

Managed dedicated hosting is an IT service model where a customer leases dedicated hardware from a managed hosting services provider like Rackspace. This solution includes servers, storage, and networking hardware. Because you aren’t sharing these resources with anyone else, it’s referred to as a single-tenant solution. When you choose managed dedicated hosting, you get to choose your operating system while your service provider handles the administration, management, and support of your solution. And because you’re not sharing any of these resources with another tenant, you have access to the full performance capabilities of the hardware you’re leasing.

Top Features

  • Highly customizable

    Across drive types, memory, CPU, protocol types, controllers and expansion shelves, we choose the best solutions for your goals.

  • No retooling non-cloud native applications

    We run your applications in a similar environment to eliminate the need to retool or refactor legacy apps and data.

  • Reduce costs

    Better manage your costs with our economies of scale and experience hosting thousands of customers in data centers around the world.

  • Optimize for performance

    Customized configurations give you the control and flexibility to tune your infrastructure for maximum performance.

  • Application and security services

    Advanced application support and security services further reduce operational burdens.

  • Maintain focus

    Speed innovation by offloading IT infrastructure so that you can focus on your core competencies and high value activities, like app development.

  • Security and compliance

    Single tenancy provides higher levels of security to help comply with PCI-DSS, HIPPA, SOX and FISMA guidelines.

  • Flexible support options

    Three SLA levels to support your managed hosting environment: Managed, Intensive and Colocation.

  • 99.99% Uptime SLA

    Best-in-class, enterprise-ready technology backed by an industry-leading 99.99% SLA.