Nextiva SIP Trunking

Bring your PBX to the cloud — the easy way

Carrier-grade PSTN connectivity. Easy setup. No code needed.

Nextiva SIP trunking can revolutionize your business by letting businesses take a giant leap to upgrade their PBX to an internet-powered phone system. It’s more reliable and lets you optimize all your business communications. From crisp voice calls to high-quality video, you’ll never risk your reputation with a poor calling experience. Running your phone system through SIP trunking is affordable for everyone. It replaces the need for physical lines. It also lets you easily add new phone lines or modify your phone service without disruptions or the need to buy new hardware.

Top Features

  • Scalable voice

    Easily add trunks, channels, and DIDs as you grow.

  • Cloud redundancy

    Eight U.S. data centers give you superior call reliability.

  • Hassle-free setup

    Standards-compliant credentials mean you just copy them into your PBX and you’re done.

  • Guided support

    Changing voice providers is a big deal. They work with you to ensure porting is successful.

  • Reliability & uptime

    They connected over 1 billion calls last year. They've built the most reliable VoIP network in the industry.

  • Superb call quality

    Redundant SIP servers give you low-latency voice connectivity with multiple call routes.

  • Flexible pricing

    SIP trunk pricing saves you more on business voice.