Nextiva SIP Trunking

Bring your PBX to the cloud — the easy way

Carrier-grade PSTN connectivity with easy setup

With the emergence of low-cost broadband, SIP trunking is rapidly becoming the standard for business premises phone system communication. The Nextiva SIP trunking solution allows businesses to experience communications that are cost-effective and feature-rich while enjoying an enhanced voice calling experience. We have proven to increase return on investment and save companies money on local and long-distance calling. We can enable customers to take the calls that are important to their business while filtering out the interruptions so they can stay focused on what’s important – the clients.

Top Features

  • Scalable voice

    Easily add trunks, channels, and DIDs as you grow.

  • Cloud redundancy

    Eight U.S. data centers give you superior call reliability.

  • Hassle-free setup

    Standards-compliant credentials mean you just copy them into your PBX and you’re done.

  • Guided support

    Changing voice providers is a big deal. They work with you to ensure porting is successful.

  • Reliability & uptime

    They connected over 1 billion calls last year. They've built the most reliable VoIP network in the industry.

  • Superb call quality

    Redundant SIP servers give you low-latency voice connectivity with multiple call routes.

  • Flexible pricing

    SIP trunk pricing saves you more on business voice.