Crown Castle Dark Fiber

Your network, under your control

High-capacity network solution for unlimited bandwidth

Crown Castle Dark Fiber is a high-capacity network solution for those who need unlimited bandwidth, complete service control, and total reliability. Our service offers a variety of connectivity options from individual strands of fiber to complex multi-site designs customized for you. For more than 25 years, we have built dark fiber networking solutions for customers across a wide variety of industries - working closely with them to meet their needs through a dense, nationwide fiber footprint.

Top Features

  • Flexibility

    Since you light the network with your own equipment, you can design it to support the configurations, services, and applications you need.

  • Scalability

    You have the ability to scale your network to virtually any bandwidth without the need for costly and disruptive upgrades.

  • Security

    With a private physical network infrastructure on dedicated strands of fiber, you can maximize your security.

  • Control

    Your network is under your control. You can select the equipment best suited for your applications while utilizing your in-house optical expertise to manage your network.