NetCarrier nCloud xStream

Broadband internet for business

Broadband services with speeds up to 500mb/sec

NetCarrier nCloud xStream is a fiber optic broadband connection that provides high-speed internet access. This service utilises fiber optic cables comprised of extremely thin glass fiber. The fiber cables transmits data via light pulses to increase speeds and reduce latency. The xStream fibre connection is delivered directly into your business from the internet unlike cable providers. They deliver broadband services to a device within your area which is then split and shared by local businesses. This sometimes can cause delayed internet speeds during peak hours.

Top Features

  • Cloud connect

    Connect your Xstream Witness System to the cloud and login from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

  • Share access

    Quickly share access to any system connected to Xstream Cloud with anyone using their email address.

  • Unlimited systems

    Connect an unlimited number of systems to a single account. Perfect for managed services or large enterprise customers.

  • Web viewing

    View live or recorded video from any camera connected to any cloud-connected system without the need to install anything.

  • Secure & encrypted

    Xstream Cloud undergoes continual security testing and uses the latest encryption technologies to secure user data.

  • Cloud API

    Xstream Cloud has an API that allows integration to 3rd party Internet-connected systems – like Zapier (