QTS Hybrid Colocation

Integrate with worlds largest public cloud

Leverage innovation, infrastructure & deploy your data center.

QTS hybrid colocation provides secure, resilient colocation featuring flexible software-defined control, real-time analytics, visibility, and access to public and private clouds as needed. Serving the world's most sophisticated data centers requires intelligent infrastructure with ultimate visibility in the right locations. QTS believes in designing, developing, and managing facilities for long-term ownership and building them with scalability. This provides flexibility for your business to easily expand within a stable and secure environment without relocating your infrastructure. State-of-the-art facilities are designed and built with the redundancy to minimize single points of failure and the security necessary to protect your assets.

Top Features

  • Expert Assistance

    Save time by leveraging the team to deploy, maintain and troubleshoot your equipment.

  • Service Plan Options

    Offering hourly or monthly full-service management to meet your infrastructure needs.

  • Online Ordering

    Available via Service Delivery Platform (SDP).

  • Cabinets

    Standard options include secure combination locks & cooling capacity up to 15 kW.

  • Cages 

    Cages are designed for customers who need the convenience and flexibility of open floor space.

  • Suites

    Custom-designed suites for customers seeking a higher level of privacy and security.