AT&T Fleet, Asset, & Workforce Management

Track & manage your fleet effortlessly

All-in-one GPS fleet, asset, and worker management system

AT&T Fleet Manager is a powerful web-based location & telematics solution that provides fleet managers with real-time & historical GPS-based information for efficient fleet management, including vehicle and driver performance, comprehensive mapping capabilities, and an in-depth suite of configurable reports. Merging mobile connectivity with fleet management exposes solution providers to incremental possibilities for monthly recurring revenue growth. This solution helps tap into new ways to address real business issues for customers, such as improving fleet utilization, reducing fuel costs, increasing productivity & maintaining compliance. It gives access to vast amounts of data providing unique insights into the workforce, assets & fleet.

Top Features

  • Cost reduction

    Minimize wasteful activities, optimize routes, monitor fuel usage, perform proactive maintenance to reduce downtime, and maximize fleet operations.

  • Help improve safety

    Monitor driver behavior for compliance and vehicle performance to improve maintenance outcomes.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Protect your cargo with temperature sensors to meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations and keep your fleet on the road with Electronic Logging Device compliance.


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