IntelePeer Atmosphere Messaging

Engagement platform with SMS

Engage customers like never before with SMS and social messaging.

Engage customers like never before with automated 1:1 SMS and social messaging interactions. Meet the different messaging preferences of your global customers all through one platform. Atmosphere Messaging offers a cost-effective, omni-channel communications solution that combines voice and messaging under one phone number. Leverage APIs to easily configure your Direct Inward Dialing (DID) and Toll-Free numbers to send and receive SMS messages. Discover the benefits of Short Codes, 5 to 6-digit numbers that allow customers to opt into a database and make it easy for you to send bulk SMS messages to your audience.

Top Features

  • Transform business phones into an engagement platform with SMS

    Atmosphere Messaging is a low-cost, omni-channel communications system that integrates voice and messaging under a single phone number. By using our APIs, you can quickly and efficiently configure your DID and Toll-Free numbers to send and receive SMS messages.

  • Create more effective customer interactions

    Incorporating messaging in your communication strategy may improve internal processes and improve the consumer experience in a variety of ways. Give sales, marketing, onboarding, and support teams a powerful tool for automating activities and initiating discussions with customers across the customer lifetime.

  • Set up fees to enable a number: Free!

    They take care of queuing and formatting issues so you don't have to. Also includes on-demand access to insights such as message delivery, receipt, status, and more.

Must-Have Features

Social Messaging

Connect with your customers on the channels they love. Provide your customers with new ways to connect with you through popular social messaging channels such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

SMS, Short Codes, Long Codes & Toll-free Numbers

Improve your customer reach with text messaging. Texting is a must-have in today’s mobile world. Deliver notifications, alerts and reminders, and support.

Talk with Images Through MMS Messaging

Create more effective customer interactions. Communicate with multimedia content including images and videos.

10DLC Application-To-Person Messaging

Reach customers with 10-digit long code numbers. 10DLC helps ensure additional security, speed, and reliability for a higher volume of messages.