MetTel Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobile device as a service

Mobile Device as a Service

MetTel makes it simple to get mobile devices when and how you need them. We understand that enterprise mobility is more than devices and plans; it’s a service and it’s where MetTel shines. MetTel’s Mobile Device as a Service (MDaaS) is a complete enterprise mobility solution across the lifecycle of your devices.

  • Partnerships with the top wireless carriers in the U.S. and Canada
  • Cross-carrier access and pooling
  • Includes access to award-winning MetTel Portal
  • Includes device staging and kitting with MDM support
  • AI-powered order to delivery automation

Fleet and Workforce Management

Our easy-to-use mobile apps and web-based software allow you to see the forest for the trees, by enabling you to manage your entire fleet or mobile workforce while ensuring visibility, safety, compliance, and more. Eliminate messy paperwork and give your mobile workers powerful tools to do jobs better, while giving you insights into your business.

Save the trees

  • In industries that require so much documentation, having all paperwork digitized changes the game. Our mobile worker apps make the necessary tracking simple and user-friendly, saving everyone’s time and eliminating tedious paperwork by automating the process of filling out forms and workflows in the field.

Deal with bureaucracy

  • In a highly regulated business, you’ll eliminate costly fines by managing your fleet and mobile workers through increased visibility and compliance.

Optimize your route

  • Use your data to build the most efficient, cost-effective routes for your drivers, saving you time and money.

Maintain your vehicles

  • Keep automated maintenance logs with reminders set for necessary upkeep, ensuring your vehicles are in peak condition and preventing costly maintenance before problems happen.

IoT Single SIM

When you’re using intelligent devices, you need them to maintain connectivity at all times, no matter where they are. With MetTel’s Single SIM, your devices will never go offline, even if they’re far from home.

Connect to the best

  • MetTel’s Single SIM card will automatically connect to the strongest mobile signal in any location via the world’s largest communications network. It’s like having a contract with every carrier, but only paying for one.

Feel secure

  • An advantage of having a single IoT SIM card as opposed to multiple SIMs is a safer connection. With two-pronged device verification at both the IP and signaling levels, your information is fully protected.

Go global

  • With connectivity through 650+ carriers in over 165 countries, you’re free to travel with one SIM card without worry. Track and report from all of your devices anytime and anywhere and help your business to truly go global.

Analyze this and that

  • MetTel’s Single SIM offers real-time data to provide a current view of anything from a mobile phone to a jet engine. The previous 48 hours of data are also archived and geofencing gives the IoT SIM card the ability to self-report when it has entered assigned locations.

Manage via one screen

  • MetTel's management platform allows you to manage and monitor all your devices and SIMS solutions. Access all your data from anywhere whether you’re in logistics, healthcare, utilities, or any other industry that utilizes IoT connectivity.