MetTel Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobile device as a service

Mobile device solutions to make people & assets more productive

MetTel provides forward-thinking control over all of your company’s phones and mobile devices. Our managed mobility solutions are designed to reduce your IT burden and lower your costs. MetTel’s Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a complete mobility solution across the lifecycle of your devices, offering cross-carrier access and pooling, access to our award-winning customer portal, device staging and kitting with MDM support, AI-powered order-to-delivery automation, our 24/7/365 customer service, device protection, and secure device recycling.

Top Features

  • Improve efficiency

    MetTel has enterprise mobility management tools that will show you what you’re doing right and where you could do better.

  • Fleet and business IoT

    All our mobile solutions and products are managed by industry professionals who have one thing on their mind: helping you work smarter.

  • Centralized set-up

    MetTel’s mobility solutions are easily set up and integrated into your existing systems. With our centralized kitting and deployment, your devices always arrive ready to use right out of the box.

  • Analyze this

    Our team builds & hosts custom reports that give you insight into spending patterns, variances & forecasts by location, region, state or system-wide. Mobile Control provides protection & compliance with network-based security & controls.

Must-Have Features

Mobile Device as a Service

MetTel makes it simple to get mobile devices when and how you need them.
We understand that enterprise mobility is more than devices and plans; it’s a
service and it’s where MetTel shines. MetTel’s Mobile Device as a Service (MDaaS)
is a complete enterprise mobility solution across the lifecycle of your devices.

Fleet and Workforce Management

Our easy-to-use mobile apps and web-based software allow you to see the forest for the trees, by enabling you to manage your entire fleet or mobile workforce while ensuring visibility, safety, compliance, and more. Eliminate messy paperwork and give your mobile workers powerful tools to do jobs better, while giving you insights into your business.

IoT Single SIM

When you’re using intelligent devices, you need them to maintain connectivity at all times, no matter where they are. With MetTel’s Single SIM, your devices will never go offline, even if they’re far from home.