AT&T Wireless Broadband

Stay connected where business takes you

Wireless data designed for business essential applications

AT&T Wireless Broadband provides the fastest cellular wireless internet via AT&T portable Wi-Fi hotspot devices (small, fully mobile hubs that generate a Wi-Fi signal to connect up to 20 devices at once to the AT&T high-speed data network) —up to 50 Mbps in selected coverage areas. Operating across the spectrum of the AT&T 4G LTE and 5G footprint, wireless broadband is ideal for organizations that want to be ready today for the digital revolution. Organizations need to ensure their employees stay connected wherever business takes them. We are ideal for organizations with complex or varied high-speed wireless needs—such as backup and redundancy or store-within-a-store opportunities.

Top Features

  • Quick deployment

    Get an instant internet connection with any AT&T-certified compatible router or hotspot. A 100% mobile solution not bound by location.

  • Fast, secure and reliable connectivity

    It features AT&T Business FastTrack, which offers an enhanced network experience for eligible business data.

  • Flexible implementation

    A cost-effective network alternative and backup option for business data applications.

Must-Have Features

Enterprise-grade wireless internet solutions that align with your business needs

AT&T Wireless Broadband provides a reliable wireless internet connection over our cellular network. It’s an excellent solution for businesses looking to set up primary internet service, temporary connectivity at new or remote locations, or a backup to their direct connection. All you need is a mobile hotspot or wireless router.