AT&T SD-WAN Over the Top

Delivering edge-to-edge capabilities

AT&T SD-WAN – Over the Top with AT&T FlexWare

Devices are managed using a central Cloud-based orchestrator, with changes to business policies and rules pushed to each edge to control the operation of your SD-WAN. The AT&T SD-WAN – Over the Top the solution also includes tools to aggregate internet bandwidth to achieve higher WAN utilization, resulting in increased performance without sacrificing application security.

Edge Options: AT&T FlexWare with VeloCloud Devices

  • A truly international solution available in 150+ countries and territories, subject to conditions, AT&T SD-WAN – Over the Top enables you to establish connections providing highly secure access to resources at branch offices, central datacenters, and the cloud — even over broadband internet connections.

AT&T Managed Implementations

  • More than simply providing the tools to take advantage of emerging SD-WAN technologies, AT&T is ready to assist you in managing policies, configuring network and performance management parameters, and defining business rules. On either the AT&T FlexWare® devices or VeloCloud edge devices, AT&T is available to manage your hardware and SD-WAN software and offer configuration recommendations based on orchestrator-provided data.

AT&T SD-WAN – Over the Top provides Additional Features:

  • Simple deployment, reducing the time and expense associated with connecting remote sites.
  • Intelligent traffic routing based on link performance and centrally-managed business rules.
  • Capable of aggregating MPLS and internet connections to achieve higher WAN utilization.
  • The perfect solution to easily combine on-premise, data center-based, and cloud resources.
  • Built-in deep packet inspection for Application Visibility Global solution available in more than 150 countries, subject to conditions.