IntelePeer Atmosphere Engage

Engagement campaigns on the fly

Send & manage omni-channel customer engagement campaigns

Atmosphere® Engage is a simple and effective way to run omnichannel campaigns powered by Atmosphere® SmartFlows. With pre-built templates and flows, teams across the enterprise can build campaigns and manage the process of communicating with audiences all in one place. This ready-to-use application allows you to focus less on the technical side of building campaigns, and more on engaging with your target audience. Pre-built templates and flows allow you to concentrate on the big picture and execution rather than on backend programs. This means you can keep your focus on your messaging and scheduling rather than spending time or resources on coding.

Top Features

  • Use with Atmosphere SmartFlows

    Pair Engage with SmartFlows for enhanced campaigns. Provide customers with AI capabilities, chatbots, and self-service.

  • Customize and Control Interactions

    SMS, voice, email, and social campaign opportunities. Schedule campaigns to segments of customers in the way that they prefer.

  • Campaigns on the Fly.

    Immediately send outbound campaigns to notify or contact customers and employees as soon as possible. Upload contacts configure messaging and choose a communications channel from the same page for quick deployment.

Must-Have Features

Atmosphere Engage features

Atmosphere Engage empowers departments across the entire enterprise to manage, schedule, and execute SMS and voice campaigns. Engage was created with marketing, billing, sales, operations, and human resources teams in mind.