Product & project management software

Project management

Track work from start to finish, so every team stays in sync and on schedule to hit their goals.

Stay in sync on work with a single shared hub

  • Keep teams accountable by organizing projects and tasks in one place. Give everyone visibility into the work they need to do and the steps to get there.

Check and correct project performance

  • Get a bird’s-eye view with five project views and custom labels for each task. Spot blockers, report on progress, and keep work running smoothly.

Prioritize and organize daily work

  • Keep everyone in the loop with automatic updates about new assignments, comments, and more. Individuals can track every task that’s assigned to them in one place, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Workflows and automation

Create processes that run themselves, so teams can make an impact faster.

Build any workflow, no matter how complex

  • Create custom workflows and automation—no coding required. It’s never been easier to scale reliable, error-proof processes across your organization.

Capture and automate work across tools

  • Standardize work intake and move tasks seamlessly from one stage to another. Move faster by automating every step, even if teams use different tools.

Make your workflows better

  • Monitor all your processes in one place, so you can clearly see what’s working. Then, instantly apply changes across your organization.

Goals and reporting

Connect every team’s work to company objectives, then track progress with real-time data.

Align strategy to execution, at every level

  • Track goals and the work that supports them, all in one place. See how every initiative furthers company objectives, so teams stay focused on what matters.

Understand performance at a glance

  • Monitor the state of your company’s work with custom reporting. Track key metrics like budget or time so you can stop blockers before they impact work.

Resource management

Get the visibility you need. Plan accurate timelines, adjust workloads, and stay on track to achieve your strategy.

Adjust resources to keep work on track

  • Prioritize and schedule incoming work without overloading your team. When blockers threaten to push goals off track, rebalance tasks without missing a beat.

Use data to plan strategically

  • See everything on your team’s plate—today, next week, and next month. Then use time tracking data to accurately staff future work.

Spend time where it counts the most

  • Not getting the results you want? See where teams are investing time, and troubleshoot to make sure they’re prioritizing the right work.

Admin and security

Confidently deploy and manage Asana across any organization, no matter how large.

Make sure only the right people can log in

  • Secure your workspace with extra layers of protection. Add two-factor authentication, password requirements, and more to protect your company’s work.

Protect information within your organization

  • Right-size permissions to protect company data. With permission levels and admin controls, you can give users the access they need while keeping specific information and settings off-limits.

Keep work safe and meet compliance obligations

  • Flexible data management to help you meet global, regional, and industry regulations. Stay in control of critical information so you and your customers can rest easy.