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Nitel simplifies the complex landscape of DSL providers to deliver resilient, high-performing networks for customers everywhere. As your business relies more and more on the internet and as you move applications to the cloud, your connections are critical. DSL is a reliable failover option for primary dedicated internet or MPLS connections. For single-person offices, non-critical traffic, or difficult-to-reach locations, DSL can even serve as a primary connection.

Top Features

  • Guaranteed Bandwidth

    When you share a broadband connection with other users it is difficult to count on the amount of bandwidth you need to run applications that are critical to business operations. With a dedicated DSL connection, you are guaranteed the bandwidth you need to maintain business productivity.

  • Reliability

    When you use a dedicated DSL connection you typically work with only one provider without any third parties involved. If the provider uses redundant network architecture the end result is extreme reliability and dedicated access to a connection that is always on.

  • Security

    Using a dedicated DSL connection makes it easier to stay on top of security since you are not sharing the connection with other users. Deploying security applications is simplified and providing authentication services is easier in addition to managing overall network security and secure access to the Internet.

  • Minimal Downtime

    When you use a dedicated DSL connection this reduces the amount of downtime you may otherwise experience with a shared connection. Many of today’s critical business applications are heavily reliant on Internet connectivity.

  • Cost

    Although a dedicated DSL connection costs more than a shared connection, with most DSL providers you will pay a flat rate as opposed to a flat rate with a lot of extra fees associated with individual users.