Dedicated DSL Connection Speed

A Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is capable of handling large amounts of data and bandwidth intensive applications such as video and different types of data applications.

DSL solutions offer customers options for several common applications:

  • Cost-effective failover for primary internet connections
  • Affordable internet access for non-critical traffic
  • Internet access at difficult-to-reach locations or small offices
  • Additional bandwidth for times of peak traffic
  • Alternative to cable internet

Simple Broadband Management Anywhere

For customers with dispersed networks, managing regionalized broadband providers can be frustrating and counterproductive. From finding the right vendor to managing installations, integrating them into your network, keeping track of invoices, and navigating your way through technical support; the more vendors you have, the more effort you exert managing them. With Nitel at your side, we simplify the complex fabric of DSL internet services. Our expert engineers will take the time to understand your applications and priorities and recommend a solution that fits your needs. Even better, Nitel will manage all underlying vendors, consolidating installation, billing, account, and technical support.