BCN Broadband & DIA Solutions

Designing the perfect access plan

BCN Broadband & DIA Solutions

In an always-connected world, if you can’t trust your network, your employees and customers can’t trust you. Smart businesses rely on BCN’s decades of experience and up-to-the-minute technology expertise to transform their networks from bottlenecks into accelerators.

Internet Access

  • Every BCN technology solution starts with the perfect access plan. BCN’s Dedicated Internet Access solutions deliver a stable, secure, tailored connection. With access secured, you can add managed, cloud, and wireless technology to take your business to the next level.


  • A cloud-first solution, Software-Defined Wide Area Networking empowers you to direct and prioritize traffic for maximum efficiency. Ensure real-time applications run seamlessly in real time, and optimize network performance in constantly changing conditions. SD-WAN can support one or hundreds of locations – and makes turning up new locations simple.

MPLS & Private Line

  • Run mission-critical, real time applications on a fully monitored and managed private network. MPLS connects your locations to the applications that keep them running productively, giving you the flexibility to balance bandwidth and cost.


  • BCN’s 4G LTE ensures that if your network goes down, your business stays up and running with no loss of data. When fiber is not an option – but neither is a slow network – fixed wireless is a fast and reliable alternative that’s cost-effective and quick to install and deploy.

POTS Replacement

  • BCN’s POTS Replacement solution digitizes these legacy POTS systems, transitioning them to reliable, high-performing cloud technology. The result is a cost-effective managed solution which meets exacting regulatory and compliance requirements.