NHC Managed Voice

Modern communications without hassles

Access a suite of easy to manage VoIP solutions

What would a Communications Stack be without a voice? It’d be quiet – but disconnected – which is the opposite of what businesses need. Even in the age of increased mobility and collaboration, connecting via voice is still at the core of employee & customer communication. And what good is a toolbox full of ways to communicate if none of the tools play well together? This is the value of managed voice — modern communications without hassles. With managed voice, businesses can easily plug into a scalable, flexible, & full-featured voice solution. Managed voice can reduce costs & provide more functionality. NHC’s Managed Services are the special sauce of IT, or whatever other goodies your customers need from their network technology.

Top Features

  • Improve communication with employees, suppliers and customers

    Seamlessly call between desktop, cell phone, tablet and PC. Integrate Voice, Video, IM, and email into a single a platform for company-wide communication.

  • Professional installation, ongoing support

    They have a comprehensive implementation process with professional project managers backed by 7X24X365 domestic customer support.

  • Cut costs

    Eliminates the need to purchase an expensive soon-to-be-obsolete phone system. Hardware as a Service model reduces the CPE to a monthly rental. Unlimited Domestic Calling. Free 4, 5, and 6 digits calling between your locations served by a newVoice.

  • Scales to meet your needs

    It’s in the cloud so no need to worry about adding PBX cards, shelves, processors, etc. Metaswitch VoIP switches are in the cloud and are continuously upgraded with the latest features and functions—available to both new and existing newVoice hosted customers.

  • Add the features you need

    Your employees are empowered with features like FindMe/FollowMe, time of day controls, call history, contact integration, and much more. Add sophisticated Contact Center functions for improved customer service and increased sales.

  • Unmatched reliability

    Highly redundant core switching infrastructure that cannot be matched by any premise based phone system. Disaster recovery solutions to back up Internet connections and route calls to other locations or cell phones.

  • Web portals make management easy

    You’re in control with easy-to-use portal tools for end-users and admins. End-Users can control their own contact features. Administrators can add or remove users and manage system-wide features.