Mosaic NetworX Business Continuity

Simple & secure centralized connectivity

Helping improve network connections & security

Mosaic NetworX Business Continuity solution provide Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to connect remote team members and ensure centralized connectivity is simple and secure. We focus on network connection stability, high uptime availability, and the convenience, security, and peace of mind of the wireless business continuity platforms. We aim to simplify the way teams operate and provide comprehensive integration and deployment consulting to streamline connections at various locations. Our solutions enable employees to operate from anywhere in the world, offering a safe and secure centralized connectivity system for all end-users.

Top Features

  • Connection redundancy

    Mosaic can deploy a wireless network as a secondary connection to work as a fail-safe in the event of an interruption from your primary connection. From scheduled maintenance to an accidental hardware failure, ISPs suffer connectivity degradation on a regular basis. Having another connection working in tandem means your business never has to worry about being offline again.

  • Security

    From custom data encryption to network monitoring, Mosaic provides holistic security services for remote connectivity management. Whether deploying a virtual private network for remote access or a Wireless Business Continuity solution to simplify connectivity in a specific location, Mosaic ensures your data stays safe and secure at all times.

  • Accessibility

    On-demand, Per-packet link steering is performed automatically based on the measured performance metric, intelligent application learning, the business priority of the application, and link cost. Delivers sub-second blackout and brownout protection to improve application availability.

  • Integration

    With different tools interacting with each other in different ways, you need a plan to coordinate them all in a secure fashion. Mosaic offers comprehensive integration and deployment consulting to help your organization get the most out of its virtual private networks.

  • Management

    Mosaic managed services offer support and management for devices and transmission solutions, wherever they are, ensuring the highest uptime and availability possible, without sacrificing security or compliance.

  • Wireless business continuity

    Mosaic has the experience and expertise necessary to develop and roll out mobile solutions for organizations of any size. From wireless networks to private connectivity without performance degradation, Mosaic can help your employees work efficiently from any location, at all times.