The CRM for sales teams on the move

Accelerate sales activities of your team from the very first day of use

Since the beginning of ForceManager our mission has been simple, transform the sales experience through mobility solutions designed for optimal productivity. We do this so our customers can focus their time on what matters – building customer relationships. We are a leading CRM with a full-service WebApp created for a range of work styles including home, office or the field. The success of our solution is due to the user-friendly interface, built-in geolocation features, and high user adoption rates.

Top Features

  • Log everything automatically, just focus on selling

    Calls, geolocalized visits, video calls, calendars and emails are all integrated.

  • Personalized sales and activity goals

    Assign customized targets to take your sales team to the next level.

  • Customers, leads and opportunities

    Visualize the progress of all opportunities in your team’s pipeline and prioritize tasks. Everything geolocalized and available offline.

  • Track activities in real time and accelerate your sales

    Customized reports and widgets to monitor your team's progress and execute your sales strategy.

  • Sell smarter

    Enhance your deal analysis, generate actionable sales insights through interactive charts, or extract key negotiation points from email threads. Dana AI, our AI for sales, streamlines your process end-to-end.