Bookkeeping the way it should be

Manage accounts, cashflow, financial health, bills, and more

Expex built Carly, an automated bookkeeper, to perform tasks for you, send you reminders, and provide insights into your financial performance. Carly is supervised by our US-based accounting team to make sure she's doing her work correctly. Expex is a web-based financial visibility and cash management solution for small and midsize businesses which enables users to manage accounts, cashflow, financial health, bills and payments, and more. Users can view balances for their bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and loans in real-time, and set alerts for low balances. Cash status can be displayed in reports or graphs, allowing users to monitor cash flow.

Top Features

  • Smarter

    Carly can learn tasks like what account to book an expense to or the correct due date of a bill and doesn't make human errors.

  • Faster

    Carly can project your cash flow for you in real-time and immediately notify you of any shortfalls.

  • Less expensive

    Carly can perform the task of multiple people at once, making her very cost-effective to use.

  • More secure

    With bank-level security and multiple levels of user rights, your assets and information are more secure using Carly.