CDS Global

Power, connect & simplify your operations


Our state-of-the-art processing systems help streamline each transaction carried out by each user, donor, or customer - whether it’s sending a donation check via mail, or placing an online order.

Comprehensive Payment Processing

  • Our comprehensive payment processing solutions allow you to provide your customers with the payment option most convenient to them. We process check payments, card payments and alternative payments such as PayPal, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay.

Integrated Direct Mail Processing

  • Direct mail still works! Reach potential customers at home using one or a combination of our integrated direct mail solutions such as print management, direct mail marketing, email marketing and more.

Payment Recovery & Fraud Prevention

  • Minimize failed transactions with our Card Updater and Expire Predictor ensuring that customers are using valid cards and payment methods. Additionally, our fraud detection and prevention services ensure payment verification, IP blocking, excessive authorization and reCAPTCHA to make sure all transactions are secure and successful.


Use data to create more meaningful interactions with your customers, resulting in a better experience and increased customer retention.

AI & Predictive Modelings Tools

  • Accurately recognize revenue for digital subscriptions on a daily accrual basis, along with AI and machine learning tools that help you reach the right customer at the right time in the right place to ensure successful conversions and subscriptions. These tools develop customized and targeted offers to attract new customers and retain existing customers by preventing cancellations.

Reporting Tools

  • Experience enhanced reporting capabilities by offering a unified view of each subscriber across multiple CDS Global systems. This shows clients timely, deeper insights and a 360˚ view into customer behavior in order to make marketing decisions for increased revenue.

Data & Growth Products

  • Benefit from additional data solutions such as the CDS Global Data Lake and other client specific marketing databases developed by CDS Global to help you generate and promote targeted offers to your customers, and ensure continued revenue and growth.

Customer Care

You care about your customers, and we care about you. CDS Global offers the valuable experience, reliable technology and highly qualified personnel to efficiently and effectively communicate with your subscribers and members on your behalf. While our customer care teams become an extension of your brand to provide unmatched service with a familiar and professional approach, your customers can also access their information via our online care site designed to unify their entire experience with you and your brand.

Self-Serviced Customer Support

  • Global Care is a self-serviced customer service platform developed by CDS Global. The platform delivers frictionless customer service experiences, allowing customers to make changes to their accounts, subscriptions, contact information and other attributes and enables improved targeting for future content development, product offerings, and marketing efforts. We've combined customer information from all CDS Global order management systems into a single view for customers to manage their subscriptions and orders quickly and easily.

Social Media Monitoring

  • Provide instantaneous customer support by monitoring online discussions and gathering meaningful insights into customer sentiments and how they perceive your brand. Leave the customer engagement, issue resolution and sentiment monitoring to us, while you focus on continuing to provide the best services to your customers.

Omnichannel Customer/Donor Support

  • Bring all your customer/donor points together to deliver a consistent message across all your channels of communication, and encourage continued loyalty to your brand and mission. The CDS Global Omnichannel contact center is equipped with staff trained in issue resolution across large call volumes, email support and live chat.


Convert more customers by creating quick-to-publish templated marketing pages for targeted offers, pricing tests, bundles and offer combinations using our online marketing tools. Trust us and the power of integrated direct mail by using our offline marketing services from stationery acquisition, address updates and timely delivery.

Identity Management

  • CDS Global presents a flexible Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution that allows consumers to manage preferences, privacy, and purchases with multiple websites and organizations using a single account and within a client-branded environment.

Online Marketing Engine

  • Optimize your conversion rates with our intuitive offer management platforms, helping you to effortlessly create, curate, and showcase a variety of compelling offers on customizable template pages and ensure maximum customer retention and conversions.

Targeted Offers Creation

  • Convert more customers with a targeted marketing platform that enables you to create offer sets, product bundles, packages and other offers using templated marketing pages that drive calls to action. Additionally, the platform enables triggering transactional emails to drive revenue.

Order Management

End to end digital, print and issue-based orders and subscription management. On one holistic platform.

Digital Subscriptions Management

  • Introducing a vertically integrated platform built from the ground up to enable offer creation, targeted marketing and subscription management for digital subscriptions and memberships all in one place. Our advanced product catalog can manage all product types, including bundles, packages, access based, issue based and newsletter products. Benefit from features such as automatic billing, recurring subscriptions and gift processing along with at-scale identity and consumer access management, and customer service.

Issue-Based Order Management

  • Effectively manage new sources for inbound subscriptions and successfully market to all channels for your print and digital content, in turn driving revenue and your bottom line. With SERV, our issue-based subscription order management platform, you have the flexibility to manage all of your businesses and publications subscriptions and orders through a single point of contact.

Comprehensive Orders Management & Fulfillment

  • Benefit from an array of order management options to manage the diverse fulfillment needs of your customers. Our comprehensive order management systems include options for managing issue-based subscriptions, access-based subscriptions, online memberships, box programs, back issues, orders as part of recurring and non-recurring campaigns, and more. Regardless of order or subscription type, you’ll have a 360-degree of your customers for advanced analytics and personalized marketing campaigns.