Fusion Connect Business Voice

Communications made easier than ever

Flexible and easier to manage than a location-based system

Some businesses may need to leverage existing infrastructure or still utilize traditional landline phone services for calling & analog devices. Whether seeking to connect a distributed workforce with mobility & collaboration features; build a first-class contact center to meet your customer’s needs, or set up analog connections for alarms, faxes, & elevators – Fusion Connect has the solution. All businesses need a phone system that improves the way they communicate with customers, suppliers, & colleagues. Whether your goal is to connect a distributed workforce, build a first-class contact center, leverage existing technology for greater reach, or lower your monthly communications spend. Fusion Connect Business Voice is the right business phone solution for you.

Top Features

  • Choice & Flexibility

    Whether you are improving on your existing infrastructure, replacing it with new technology, or something in between, our experts can help you determine the best fit for your goals. All our services are scalable as your business grows.

  • Easy Management & Training

    Managed services reduce the burden on your IT team and your budget. Free, live online training is available for end-users, and for administrators. Our support reps are available 24/7 to keep your business up 24/7 too.

  • A Trusted Partner

    We offer the most comprehensive service guarantees in the industry for Hosted Communications services. Installation Dates, Rate Locks, 100% Uptime, Free Upgrades, and Customer Satisfaction are all part of our strategy to give you a world-class customer experience.