Colocation Services

One of the easiest ways to disaster-proof your business is to place your key computing systems in a colocation facility. Specifically built to withstand natural and man-made disasters like floods, tornadoes, and fires, housing your servers in one of Telesystem's Data Centers ensures your business can keep running. Telesystem is uniquely equipped to offer businesses colocation space in increments as small as 1 Rack Unit - we have even the smallest business need covered.

Is colocation is a better fit than cloud hosting?

  • There's a chance colocation isn't the optimal choice for your business, given the overlapping features and outright advantages of cloud servers in many instances. Cloud comes with the monitoring and resiliency of colocation, in addition to many other provider-managed services – such as software and hardware updates – that would still be your responsibilities under a colo arrangement. However, the cloud has its own set of potential issues, including less control over data and opaque and rigid vendor agreements. Its predominantly OPEX structure also means minimal upfront expense, but potentially higher costs in the long run.

What network infrastructures and options are in place?

  • A colocation facility should make it easy and cost-effective for you to connect your equipment to the outside world. Look for sites that provide multiple connectivity options and also keep an eye on the technical specifications of their underlying infrastructure. For example, Telesystem DC-1 includes fully meshed and redundant 10Gb switches, routers, and links for all networking. That ensures top-notch performance for your applications and services.

Where are the colocation data centers locations located?

  • The old real estate cliche about "location, location, location" determining a property's value also applies to colocation facilities. While it's far from the only consideration, it's a big one because a colo site is essentially another branch office for your business. In other words, you want a spot that's safe from natural disasters, economical to connect to your other offices, and practical to visit in a pinch. Many colo sites are located inland, in climates without undue risk from flooding or tropical storms/hurricanes, and specifically designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Data Center - 1

Telesystem's Data Center-1 (DC-1) is located at our Network Operations Center in Toledo, Ohio. Our hardened, secure facility has 24x7x365 monitoring paired with Soc 2 Type II Attestation and HIPAA Compliance. Rest assured your data is safe and available when you need it.

Hardened and Secure Facility

  • Built by doubling the specifications to withstand an EF-5 tornado
  • 24x7x365 monitoring, manned facility
  • Ideal for colocation and computing with redundant power, SOC 2 Type II Attestation, HIPAA Security Standards Compliant, and Storage

Redundant Power

  • Dual, redundant 500kW UPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Redundant generators fire in seven seconds to take over for the UPSs on demand
  • Dual power strips/rack PDUs (Power Distribution Units) per cabinet
  • Every cabinet gets up to 10kW of UPS power capacity via redundant, monitored power strips

DC-1 Certifications

  • Data security means protecting the integrity of customers' most sensitive data with the freedom from fear of data breaches and associated penalties and fines. Telesystem's commitment to ensuring this peace of mind for our customers is evidenced by SOC 2 Type II Attestation and HIPAA Security Standards Compliance.


  • Telesystem's DC-1 is audited an confirmed Service organization Control (SOC) 2, Type II Attestation by a Certified Public Accounting firm. The process, governed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), entailed a meticulous examination of the security, availability, and confidentiality control mechanisms that we have in place to safeguard customer data. The Type II report evaluated the effectiveness of the detailed procedures Telesystem's management team defined to ensure the operational integrity of those controls. Completion of this certification process is reflective of Telesystem's commitment to providing confidence that customer data is safe as that it will be available when they need it.

Data Center - 2

Telesystem's second data center (DC-2) is located in Southeast Michigan, over 25 airline miles from DC-1. DC-2 augments our current Data Center facilities with approximately twice as much space. DC-2, like a bunker, was built to Department of Defense standards for data centers.

Hardened and Secure Facility

  • Completed in 1995 to U.S. Department of Defense hardened data center specifications
  • Situated on five acres and bordered on three sides by earthen berms
  • 24x7x365 monitoring, unmanned lights-out facility

Compute Area

  • 3,600 sq. feet of raised floor compute area, capable of housing over 14 rows of telecommunication and computing cabinet lineups
  • DC-2 provides geographic redundancy to DC-1
  • Over $9M planned in upgrades


  • Redundant connectivity to DC-1, and Telesystem's NOC (Network Operations Center)
  • Points of presence for multiple carriers