Flexibility, reliability & security for rapidly expanding data needs

One of the easiest ways to disaster-proof your business is to place your key computing systems in a colocation facility. Specifically built to withstand natural and man-made disasters like floods, tornadoes, and fires, housing your servers in one of Telesystem's Data Centers ensures your business can keep running. Telesystem is uniquely equipped to offer businesses colocation space in increments as small as 1 Rack Unit - we have even the smallest business need covered. With 24/7/365 event monitoring, fully redundant power supplies and connectivity, Telesystem’s geographically redundant data centers stand up to the worst of conditions – providing security and stability that go beyond on-premise solutions.

Top Features

  • Redundant power supply

    Colocation sites gives you reliable power that contributes to superior uptime, meaning fewer opportunities lost to outages.

  • Robust security

    A colo facility will have top-notch protections against break-ins and unauthorized access and also be hardened against disasters like tornadoes.

  • Real scalability

    With power, 24/7 monitoring and network connectivity from the colocation provider, you can scale your business beyond what would've been feasible on-prem.

  • MSP expertise

    Operating a data center around the clock is not a core competency for most organizations, whereas MSP live and breathe it.

  • Cost efficiencies

    A colocation plan can turn CAPEX that would've gone toward building your own data center into the more flexible OPEX of renting the needed space.


Additional Information