Collaboration tools to work anywhere

Nextiva UCaaS integrates many communications such as phone, chat, and video conferencing. It enhances productivity and provides ways to interact across different communication channels. Unified Communications as a Service streamlines communication solutions across the enterprise. It provides real-time video conferencing, chats, SMS, and even contact center capabilities. Since UCaaS works over the internet, you don’t need any extra VoIP hardware to serve customers. UCaaS providers are responsible for security, backend configuration, and telephony functions.

Top Features

  • Lower Costs

    UCaaS is less expensive and provides more value than your existing phone system. Businesses can save up to 65% when they switch to the cloud.

  • Flexibility to Work from Home

    UCaaS enables employees to work from home without any special equipment, letting employees work without the limits of an on-premises phone system.

  • Streamline Communication Tools

    UCaaS consolidates separate communication channels into one, avoiding situations where businesses hit one roadblock and resort to using yet another standalone messaging app.

  • Secure Communication Solutions

    Encrypted communication channels are essential to maintain the continuity of the business. The cost of a data compromise increases every year with unauthorized parties eavesdropping on sensitive business communications.

  • Achieve Scalability across the Enterprise

    UCaaS helps companies of any size scale faster. The only thing you need to consider is internet access. You won’t need on-site servers, telephony equipment, or to install phone lines.