Nextiva IVR & Virtual Agents

Advanced IVR with Conversational AI

Free up your agents to help more callers

Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a web-based system used for building complex call handling and messaging solutions. It includes a comprehensive applications library that integrates speech recognition and Application Programming Interface (API), as well as Google Cloud and IBM Watson technologies to increase productivity, streamline processes, and improve customer satisfaction, ultimately increasing the bottom line. Cloud-based Virtual Agents help automate interactions between organizations and their customers while augmenting the use of human agents. Virtual Agents, powered by artificial intelligence, autonomously handle routine and repetitive transactions, increasing the time for live agents to handle more complex calls.

Top Features

  • Increase Credibility

    Improve your customer experience is to implement a business phone service with an auto attendant with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functionality. IVRs are an excellent way to improve brand image because they present a consistent, welcoming, and on-brand greeting to every caller before they reach a representative. This comes across as organized and professional, which boosts credibility in the eyes of customers. It also sends the message that your business is equipped to handle a wide range (and high volume) of customer calls.

  • Learn More, Save More

    The advantage of your customers interacting with a computer before speaking with a live agent is that a computer is built to collect, process, and store high levels of information. The data that your IVR collects about caller's inquiries is not only valuable for your business strategies in general, but it can also be used to continually improve your IVR setup. IVR systems supplement market research and lower costs by eliminating the need to hire more agents. IVRs also cut call handling times, which means even more money saved.

  • Self-Service Customer Service

    Speaking of consistency, an IVR allows you to serve your customers even when agents aren’t available. Callers can access basic information outside of regular business hours—or while agents are busy handling other calls—via your phone number and an IVR menu. It’s like having the perfect voicemail with the added bonus of going beyond the greeting and offering information the customer might be calling about.