An easy, secure and Green Virtual Fax.

eCom Fax helps maintain an essential service between you and the world with fax while saving you time and money. It is a platform that responds to the current needs of on-premise fax users.

Many places still have fax machines, and they continue to invest in maintenance, equipment and consumables, even though this creates a major security hole. The alternative is to digitally transform your office, saving money and time through the use of our virtual fax service. With eComFax, you can now send and receive faxes from email and from any device connected to the Internet.

Starting at $9.95 /Month

Top Features

  • Easy to use

    Intuitive and user-friendly design with a soft learning curve to start sending faxes straght away.

  • More than just fax

    Different fax options depending on the level of security required, SMS and more to keep you connected with your customers.

  • Keep you fax number

    Bring your current fax number with you into eComFax® with our simple porting process or choose a number from one of 8,000 cities worldwide in 50 different countries.

  • OCR Technology

    Convert the information you receive in PDF format from an image to a text, and search for keywords or copy and paste your data quickly.

  • Send quick SMS

    Have the ability to also send quick and short text messages as reminders or notifications to customers and partners.​

  • Safety and reliability

    eComFax® values the importance of your data, we guarantee the sending, receiving and archiving of your documents with security and traceability. Complying with multiple GDRP, Dodd-Frank Act, FCA, MiFID II, PCI, HIPAA.


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