Netfor Business Process Outsourcing

BPO, Simplified

Field Services

At Netfor, we simply do not settle for second best. Neither do our clients. That’s why we maintain a 95+% First-Run Rate. How do we do it? By combining a proven process with a cloud-based platform and a national network of skilled field services technicians. From retail to commercial, logistics, and beyond, you and your customers can count on our reliable and accurate service when and where you need it.

Vetted and Trained Technicians

  • Most of our technicians have been in the field for 10+ years. We know them and trust them, and so do our clients.
  • Rigorous Onboarding - For new technicians, we conduct background checks and look for soft skills to ensure they are professional, reliable, and accurate.
  • National Network - Wherever your locations may be, we have a qualified technician nearby.

Technolohy That Delivers

  • With the Netfor cloud-native platform, you know in real-time the progress of every engagement at every location.
  • Deliverables Management - On-site, visual verification from the technicians confirming progress and completion so you can rest easy.
  • National Network - Do you have thousands of locations? No sweat. We can service every location individually and provide you with one hassle-free invoice.

Honest Communication

  • It’s a point of pride for us. We believe that honest communication fosters collaboration and is the foundation of every successful engagement.
  • Transparent Pricing - We price all your service attributes into the bid and don’t nickel and dime for mileage or other upcharges.
  • Scope of Work - Occasionally, we won’t or can’t fulfill the scope of work you’re looking for. We’ll let you know upfront if or when that happens and then point you in the right direction.

Technical Support Desk

With the ever-escalating costs and technical complexity of outsourcing these days, it simply makes sense to partner with a reliable, available, and transparent BPO service provider. Whether you’re looking for IT, software, hardware, or networking support solutions, Netfor has the experience, trained agents, and track record to ensure you meet your strategic objectives.

Help Desk support solutions include:

  • A dedicated help desk system customized for your team.
  • 24/7/365 support model — providing help desk support day, night, and on weekends.
  • A live person takes care of your needs and is trained in your company’s specific knowledge base.
  • Each caller gets the same positive help desk service each and every time.
  • Fast, enjoyable and consistent conversations are key.

Every Call Counts

  • You’re our top priority. So delivering your company world-class customer service is what matters most.
  • We offer a multi-channel managed contact solution designed around what you need to be answered when you need it answered. We cover Customer Service, Government Service, Appointment Scheduling, Public Transportation, Answering Service, and Software Support including IOT Devices. All technical requests from your customers are routed to one place. Whether it’s calls, emails, or chats Netfor agents are always available, addressing every ticket, we get your employees back to work in the shortest time possible.

Fulfillment Center

Business and technology move at the speed of now, so keeping your employees and customers satisfied with on-time technology fulfillment is essential. Netfor provides more than a pick, pack, and ship solution. We also repair items, configure software, wipe hardware, and ship to mobile destinations from our ISO 9001:2015-certified warehouse. If that sounds like more than a run-of-the-mill fulfillment services provider, it is. It’s the future.

On-Time Shipping

  • Our exceptionally late pickup time with UPS, as well as our central U.S. location, helps ensure your deliveries arrive at your destination faster and on time.

DoD-level Device Wipes

  • We wipe drives to the highest level of security to ensure all data is erased and unrecoverable before shipping to an electronics recycler for destruction.

Warehousing & Kitting

  • If you have multiple items included in a single order, no problem. We will warehouse and kit them and notify you when stock is running low.

Configuration and Imaging

  • With on-site Netfor IT experts, you can rest easy knowing your hardware and software are correctly set up and ready to go when it arrives.

Inventory Management System

  • Our robust system allows us to track shipments in real-time, monitor progress and shipped quantities, and notify all parties when items are low and need re-ordering.

Accuracy & Quality of Shipment

  • Every shipment is monitored for accuracy and held to rigorous quality packing.

Customer Service Call Center

Elevating and maintaining a great customer experience takes a BPO contact center committed to delivering immediate, accurate, and friendly help. Our goal is for your customers to believe they’re speaking with your employees, not an outsourced help desk. To that end, we are 100% onshore with staff in multiple locations nationwide, answering 97% of calls in under 20 seconds. Happy customers fuel a happy business.

Agent Excellence

  • We focus on developing professional agents who go beyond merely answering calls to deliver service that creates repeat customers and elevates your brand.
  • Continual Training - We bring out the best in our agents with ongoing customer service training and consistent performance feedback.
  • Soft Skills - We vet and hire only those who display a high level of empathy and professionalism. Then we instruct them in our proprietary call center best practices developed over the past 25 years.
  • Know-How - Immediate access to knowledge articles and content to provide expert guidance to customers and consistently resolve calls.
  • Quality Audits - Regular call audits ensure that our agents meet a high standard of excellence.

Knowledge Management System

  • Our proprietary knowledge management system places your organization’s important product, services, and brand information at every live agent’s fingertips.
  • Articles - Customized, specific knowledge articles and content developed with your team.
  • Customer-First - Agents are empowered to meet your customers where they are in life and reduce stress by delivering the right knowledge at the right time.

Multi-Channel Managed Contact Technology

  • Answering calls faster and delighting more customers are the goals of every organization that decides to outsource its call center. We achieve these objectives – and a lot more – with tried-and-true software customized for every client’s unique needs.
  • Channels - Phone calls, emails, chat, voicemail, SMS, and future potential to add video conferencing and even AI to discern a customer sentiment.
  • Auto-Distribution - Incoming media, such as calls, are routed to your assigned, qualified agent possessing the appropriate skillset.
  • SLA-Focused - Our blend of technology and empathy enables Netfor to meet tighter service level agreements than most others, like answering 97% of calls in less than 20 seconds with a phenomenal first call resolution rate of 75%.
  • Transparency - Clients have real-time access to call volume, hold times, and more.
  • At Netfor, our goal is to create a customer experience where every caller believes they are speaking to an expert within your organization. For us, acting as an extension of your team is the surest path to delivering better, more caring service. All customer calls are routed to one centrally located place and then routed to one of our regional locations in the United States to provide local and familiar help to your customers. Our technology platform enables our agents to handle calls, emails, and chats seamlessly 24/7/365.