A commissions platform designed for today's workforce

CaptivateIQ empowers customer-facing teams with clarity in their compensation plans so people can work smarter. This automated solution helps increase team productivity and alignment which adds transparency back to the commission process. Connect to any commission data source to start pulling in your important data. Then automate the entire process by setting a schedule that works for you.

Top Features

  • Embrace change with flexible commission management

    Save time, reduce errors, and maintain self-sufficiency with our intuitive interface, streamlined workflows, and logic-based commissions modeling platform.

  • Get more out of your largest sales expense

    Unlock valuable insights in real-time to drive smarter decisions, optimize your incentive compensation strategy, and keep key stakeholders informed.

  • Boost sales rep productivity to drive revenue

    Give sales teams a commission experience they’ll love. Our suite of tools provides motivation to drive effective behaviors & transparency so reps can stay focused on results.


Additional Information